Public Interest Litigation – Suggestion & Research Work

1- Barrister Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – Idea of Separate Homeland and his good Advocacy.
2- Dishonoring of Bank Cheque – Consequences & Remedy – Civil & Criminal.
3- Illegal Detention & Legal Remedy under Criminal Law & Police Rules.
4- The Role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)- In the Economic Growth of Pakistan.
5- A Legal Perspective: Crossing of Cheque (Banker & Drawer Responsibility.
6- Real Estate, Property situation in Pakistan & Record of Rights.
7- Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Advantages & Disadvantages.
8- Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan.
9- Sex Problem in Law.
10- Insider Dealing & Price-Sensitive Information (The Role of Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
11- Misuse of SIM & Formation of Biometric Verification System (SIM – BVS) in Pakistan.
12- A Legal Perspective: Matrimonial Disputes, Wife Maintenance & Child Custody.
13- Preparation of ZAKAT DEDUCTION BOOK & Importance of Mahay Ramazan.
14- Improvements / Amendments in the NADRA Laws / Provision & Establishment of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) & Intelligence Bureau (IB) Sitting With Provincial Sindh Police towards Registration & National Status Issues.
15- Judicial Reformation, Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan & Implementation in Respect of the Federal Administrative Courts & Tribunal.
16- False, Fabricated, Fraudulent Networking, Marketing Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Selling, SMS, Emails, Draw, Loan Lottery, Deposit Schemes, By Using Cellular Companies And Help Centre
17- Islamic Banking.
18- A Legal Perspective under the Constitution of Pakistan for Undue Recovery of Income Tax through Electric Bills.
19- Enforcement & Implementation of Income Tax Law towards Non Taxpaying MNA’s & MPA’s, Senator’s / Parliamentarian of Pakistan.
20- Violation of Human Rights & Remedies.
21- Information & Communication Technologies in Religious Education
22- Curb down the Students Problem towards Opening Bank Accounts for Students under BBSYDP COURSES.
23- Election Reforms: Re-Poling in Effective Constituencies Throughout Pakistan
24- Pending Bill In Sindh Assembly: Sindh Senior Citizen’s Welfare.
25- A Legal Perspective: Passport & Immigration Issues.
26- Safeguard The Name of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) – Government of Pakistan, from Damaging.
27- Non Implementation: SIM – Biometric Verification System.
28- Federal Board of Revenue – Government of Pakistan: Need stop for frequent changes in Income Tax Return Form.
29- Non-Adjustment of Input Tax Paid Through “Bill of Additional Duties”, & “Bills of Imports of Federal Excise Duty (FED) in Sales Tax Mode”, In the Sales Tax Return.
30- Notes on NRO Judgment.
31- Transfer of Property Matter: Establishment for Online Verification of CNIC & VERYSIS.
32- International Arbitration In The Context Of Globalization – A Pakistani Perspective.
33- Drug Trafficking & Government of Pakistan measures.
34- Refund of Cost – Judicial Stamp Papers / Court Fee.
35- Foreign Investment in the Insurance Sector.

36- Changing Needs in Labor Laws in The Context of 18th Constitutional Amendments
37- Stock Exchange Business: Supply of Annual Audited Financial Statements to Investors under Companies Ordinance, 1984.
38- Hidden Violation of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) – Government of Pakistan by the Cellular Companies.
39- Labor Department & Labor Court.
40- Divorce: A Legal Perspective.
41- Amendments to the Finance Bill -2014.
42- Local & Foreign Registration of Company / Companies in Pakistan Under the relevant Law of Pakistan.
43- Traffic Police Sindh – Misuse & Misappropriation in Provincial Exchequer in Term of Revenue Collection Vide Traffic Challan – Traffic Police Sindh.
44- Provisions of Contracts documents to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Government of Pakistan – Under NAB Ordinance, 1999.
45- SECP Matter: Video Recording is Documents under Law of Land – Pakistan.
46- NADRA Attitude AND Baloch Community.
47- Redefining Country’s National Security Policy.
48- Protection of Women against Violence Act, 2016- A Legal Perspective.
49- Reformation Required in National Guard (Janbaz Force) – Pakistan.
50- Illegitimate Maintaining Cell Numbers / Data of Cellular Companies by the Banks.

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