• Research & Development (R&D), discovering new knowledge about Investigation, Investigation tools, products, processes, Registration methodology in the Regulators concerned, and services, and then applying that knowledge to create new and improved suggestive & informative material as well as products, processes, and services that fill required criteria or market needs, under corporate / commercial structure.

• Managing Research, development & reformation in respect of public / private institutions under Federal & Provincial / Autonomous bodies including projects in the field, as required and asked for, in a manner that is sensitive to broad spectrum as well as local circumstances and needs.

• Analysis & Assessment of Proposed Project or Investment being Foreign Direct Investment or Local in nature.

• Updating applicable Laws, Rules, Regulations, Tax Issues, Tax Exemptions, Corporate Tax, Regulatory Compliance, and ensuring professional and academic knowledge,

• Identifying and assessment of liabilities and costs.

• Undertake all proceedings, related to above criteria for Registration in the Regulatory Authorities and opening of Bank Account in the Financial Institution.

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