Highly experienced, dedicated, disciplined, hard working and result oriented team of our Law Firm, who believes in producing desired results up to the expectation of clients, facilitates and provides consulting, advisory & research services on Corporate Growth Strategies under Unit or Enterprise concepts, Consortium, Marketing Concept Tips, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Collaborations, Acquisitions, Mergers, Subsidiaries, Associated Undertakings, (involving de-facto, simple or de-jure structures), Spin-off, Syndications, Leasing, Licensing, Franchising, Agency or Distributorship arrangements, and Corporate Management Control.

• Transnational & Local Corporate matters:

 Legal Entity Platforms, Incorporation/Registration and formation of Public & Private Companies, International & local Joint Ventures’, AOPs’, Strategic Alliances, Associated Undertakings, Subsidiaries, Partnerships ,Multinational/ Transnational Companies’ branch offices, liaison & project Offices.

 International Cross-Boarder Trades: structuring of transactions involving local and international laws, and treaties, its implications, in respect of goods, services, and technology transfers, between Companies.

 Mergers & Acquisitions: M&As’ of small, medium & large size services and manufacturing companies and undertakings. Pre-Acquisition/Merger negotiations and deliberations.

 Public flotation: Corporate work involving IPOs’, Right Shares, Underwriting arrangements, consortium building, documentations, approval and permission for public offering, Modarabas, TFCs’, and other instruments. Listing with stock exchange/s & compliances of governance issue.

 Consulting on post Acquisition and Merger scenario:
Documentation and working on corporate reengineering and restructuring of organizations. Research and Advisory on developing Transition Equation and Delayering of organizations.

 Restructuring & Re-Engineering of Units: Corporate legal evaluations, advisory, and documentation on Re-structuring & Re-Engineering of companies.

 Approvals & Permits for Foreign Companies: Approval of foreign companies to establish their place of business in Pakistan by way of liaison office, branch and/or project offices, including work permits for foreign nationals, Registration & Export of shares issued to foreign nationals or foreign companies.

• Specialized Corporate Vehicles: Matters relating to Modarabas, Leasing, Housing Finance, Venture Capital, & Investment Banks as provided in NBFC Rules.

• Concepts, working papers & Documentation on financial instruments: Consulting, legal documentations, risk evaluations & mitigations on financial legal instruments including credit-lines, trade finance, syndications, running finance, bridge finance, project finance, discounting, factoring, securitization, and other financial instruments and vehicles, guarantees, performance bonds, mobilizations advance loan guarantees & LG matters.

• International Trade Instruments: Advisory, Consultancy, assistance and preparation of International Trade documentations, including trade finance issues.

• Restructuring of Units with Financial Institutions: Professional services involving representation in matters relating to CIRC, Banking Court, High Court, SECP, & Tax Department. Development of Business & Technical Plan, Credit Evaluations of legal risks and mitigation of risks, negotiations with competent authorities and institutions for settlement, swapping of liabilities and debts, including restructuring plans and marketing concepts tips.

• Power & Energy, Oil & Gas:
Consultation & Advisory on Power & Energy, Oil & Gas Companies, Structuring of transaction, documentation, negotiation & finalization of strategic parterning, JV’s Bid Documents, O&Ms’; assistance in funds creation, & syndications.

• Commercial Bank Mortgaging: Processing of mortgage applications, for analysis of legal status of the applicant and the property offered for collateral. Legal Search at the Office of Sub-Registrar, Deed & Assurances, Necessary corporate search with the Companies Registration Office, SECP. Preparation of Mortgage documents, including Mortgage Deed (Equitable/Simple), Promissory Notes, Personal Guarantees, Affidavits and Undertakings. Registration of Mortgage Deed, and other instruments as per requirement of the bank.

• Islamic Financing: Consultancy, structuring and lawful assistance in expansion of specialized Islamic Instruments including Musawamah, Musharaka, Murabaha, Salam, Mudaraba, Istisna, and Ijarah, its legal hazard evaluations, and issues relating to mitigation of risks, agency contracts relationships, and consultancy engagements.

• Special Laws: Advisory on Investment Laws, (BOI), Bi-lateral Investment Treaties, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Foreign Investment Protection Laws, Prudential Regulations, Securities Law, Monopoly, Trust Laws Insurance Law, and NBFC Laws, Issues relating to National Tariff commission (NTC),National Tariff Commission Ordinance, 2015, Antidumping Duties Ordinance, 2015, Countervailing Duties Ordinance, 2015.

• Judicial/Quasi-Judicial: Petitions, Reviews, Application and Approvals involving Corporate issues under various provisions of the Companies Ordinance 1984, and other special rules as enacted by Securities & Exchange Commission, Islamabad.

• More on Corporate

 Service Rules & Manual: Advisory & Consultancy, preparation and drafting of Service Rules, Service Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs’), covering assignment of responsibilities, allowances, packages, working hours, holidays, leaves, bonuses, compensatory allowances, devotions & non-disclosure confidentiality provisions, taking into account contract laws, staff laws, labor laws and notifications to working conditions of the Provincial & Federal laws.

 Provident/ Gratuity Fund Trusts: Advisory & Consultancy, preparation, drafting and registration of Provident Fund/ Gratuity Trust Deeds and documents.

 TRUST / SOCIETIES/ FOUNDATIONS /NGOs: Formation, registration and compliance issues of Non-Profit Organizations, including Societies, Trusts, and Foundations.

 Provincial Laws: Registration and compliances of Professional Trade and Callings Tax; Shop & Establishment Laws, Worker’s Profits, and Gratuity Laws.9

• Corporate Secretarial Work:
(Under Companies Ordinance, 1984)

 Preparation and maintenance of Corporate Statutory Registers, including Folio Register, Register of Allotments & Transfers, Shareholders’ Register, Register of Directors & Officers, Minutes Book of Directors and Shareholders’ Minutes.

 Preparation of Notices, Resolutions, Minutes and compliance of law for organizing and holding, Annual General Meetings, Member Meetings, Board and Committee Meetings.

 Mortgages/charges: Registration, modification, release and inspections/search reports for mortgages/charges created or to be created against companies.

 Preparation, filing and registration of Corporate Returns relating to AGM, EOGM, Elections/change of Directors etc., increase, decrease, consolidation in authorized and paid-up capital.

 Registration of Mortgages/charges, and modification, Satisfaction of charges, notices and documents etc. with the CRO, Securities & Exchange Commission.

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