Highly experienced, dedicated, disciplined, hard working and result oriented team of our Law Firm, provide all and specific legal assistance & help for Overseas Pakistanis & Foreign National Matters in the following categories:


COURT MARRIAGE, FAMILY MATTERS (DIVORCE, KHULA, CHILD CUSTODY, RECOVERY OF DOWRY ARTICLE, AND RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS:Dissolution of marriage, International Divorces, Custody and Guardianship of minors, Maintenance of wives and children, Recovery of dowry articles and dower amount, Adoption, Legitimacy, Restitution of conjugal rights, Registration of marriages & divorce, Settlement of matrimonial issues, Drafting family settlements, Matrimonial and family dispute resolution, Divorce for overseas Pakistanis, Khula for overseas Pakistani’s, Divorce agreement preparation, Court marriage and Re-marriage issues.

 BUSINESS SETUP IN PAKISTAN: Establishing and Registration of Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company Foreign Company, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship, Registration of NGOs, Registration of Trademarks and Copyrights

RECOVERY OF BAD DEBTS & LOANS: Our firm is very successfully providing services: For recovery of bad debts and loan, By initiating Civil and Criminal proceeding, against defaulters in very efficient manner.

REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY MATTERS: Our firm assists clients with Purchase, sale and leasing of, Commercial, agricultural and residential property, Verification of Title Documents Risk assessment on investments in property.

OFFENSES RELATING TO IMMOVABLE PROPERTY: We initiate speedy legal proceedings against the offenders of Land Grabbing, Transfer of property through forged documents, Illegal Possession of property.

 DEED WRITING AND REGISTRATION: Drafting and registration of all types of documents including Sale Deed, Agreements, Transfer of Title Deeds, Gift, Will, Exchange, Lease Agreements, Rent Deed.

INVESTIGATION ABOUT DOUBTFUL TRANSACTIONS: We search and get information regarding transactions relating to valuable assets, movable and immovable properties Illegally and fraudulently sold and purchased.

RENT MATTERS: We represent both landlords and tenants before the Rent Controllers, Higher Courts and Supreme Court for obtaining favorable orders for our clients, in accordance with the Law.

ARBITRATION AND ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Domestic and foreign commercial Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Our lawyers successfully mediate and settle most disputes

 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Registration of Trade Mark, Copyright, Patent, Design, Litigation against its infringement

 CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS: Our Law Firm deals with consumer laws in Pakistan. On behalf of the consumers, service providers and sellers In the courts and outside the courts

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